Welcome to Decor and Dine! I’m Margaret and I am so glad you stopped by…

After working in social services for almost 20 years I decided to take a leave when my youngest started school. I have three beautiful daughters who are now young adults, the youngest starting university in the fall.  A few years ago I was  encouraged by a dear friend and my children to purse my passion in decor.  After enrolling in the Canadian Redesigners Association, I became a Certified Colour Consultant and an Interior Redesign and Staging Specialist. I love transforming homes by using the client’s existing furniture and accessories … why not reuse and re-purpose. I was introduced into the world of blogging when I started my business. I am also passionate about my Portuguese heritage and love Portuguese food….I am happy to have this opportunity to share some of my favourite recipes.





I’m Ilda and I am excited to join Margaret in her Decor and Dine Blog.ilda-2

I am passionate about the environment and committed to protecting it as much as I can for future generations. This led me to pursue a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies.  Upon graduating in 2010, I worked several years in the public sector as an urban planner.  My children, I have two, are grown up.  My son is in university and my daughter in grade 11.  They are my greatest pride and joy.  My wonderful husband is a teacher and looking forward to early retirement.  Always seeking new adventurers I am happy to begin this new chapter as a blogger.  Born in the Acores, I have many recipes and DIY projects to share with you.








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Love to have you here, feel free to comment or ask us anything!

 P.S. What’s a Portuguese home without a rooster






6 thoughts on “About”

  • Thanks for your kind words Ilda. That is funny (about Lilli), on my screen she is sitting upright. Not sure why she is on her side on your screen. I am looking forward to us working together.

  • Dear Margaret,

    I love learning more about you. I did not know you were under 5 feet. Little treasures come in small packages and you certainly are a treasure. The latter being your creative eye…I love the colors you chose to bring out a room and the themes are simple but grandiose. Keep inspiring me through this holiday season. I look forward to seeing more. P.S. Poor Lilli is on her side (please see photo).

  • Love your Facebook page haven’t checked out your blog, I’m from northern Portugal , Moncao, Do you have a queijo fresco récipe . Merry Christmas to you!!

  • Thanks Jennifer, thanks for the lovely words, the encouragement and support you have always given me. I truly appreciate it! 🙂

  • Margaret . . . I’m LOVING your blog! I love learning so many new things about you, too! You have such a talent with food, decorating, and living a beautiful farm life!! AND I would never have guessed you were just under 5′ tall . . . more like 5′ 7″!! Excited about your wonderful blog and all the talent you will contribute to the blog world. 😉

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