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Burlap Wreath

Are you hooked on burlap?
 I have seen many burlap DIY projects and decided to try
my hand at a WREATH similar to one I saw on Pinterest
 I started with some burlap cut into squares, a foam wreath form,
and some BLUE flowers…
Update!!! Use a straw wreath form instead, easier to pin and will not break!
 With a box of pins by my side, I folded the squares and
 began to pin them very close together.
 I used hot glue to attach the flowers.
One piece of important advice…do not wear black when working with burlap.
AND…the finished product!
(I ran out of burlap so the one that is at the  farm now is even fuller than this one)
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  • movingforward

    Kathy I did not wrap the wreath. First I used a foam wreath but it ended up falling and breaking so I replaced it with a straw wreath form. I use regular sewing pins, and it was super easy to stick through the straw wreath.

  • movingforward

    Hi Sherry, the squares were about three inches each. I am not at the farm right now but will double check tomorrow.it did not occur to me to write down the measurement. Thanks!

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