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DIY jar candle holders

Do you come up with crazy ideas that make your family wonder “WHY? Why is she making that?

This happens to me all the time!

But I ignore them…and sometimes I get something like this…


Ok so it wasn’t a genius idea, it won’t go viral or get pinned thousands of times but I like it!

It was super easy and inexpensive. I reused what I had on hand…

turned it into something new…

and even if I never use it again, it was not a waste of time.


You need:

old glass jelly/jam jars (I collected a few tall ones)

lentils in your choice of colour (mine are mixed because that is what I had on hand from a previous project)

chalkboard tags (I purchased mine at the craft store but you can print your own…lots of ideas on Pinterest)



I filled the jars with the lentils,  tied twine around the top of the of the jar and added a candle. Then I attached a chalkboard tag.


What you choose to write on your candle holders is up to you…FAMILY, THANKS…all depends on your mood and the number of jars you put together.


I have placed mine on my mantel but they will make a great centerpiece as well.

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  • Margaret Pereira

    Hello Gwen! What a lovely story, thank you so much for sharing it with us. It was such a pleasant surprise to turn on my computer this morning and see your comment, great way to start my day! I too love seeing projects that bring back great memories.I am so happy you like my little jar candle project. Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing!

  • Gwen

    In the early 90’s blogs weren’t around but I had books and magazines. It sounded so easy. Use a short thick pillar candle anchored in a paper Dixie cup filled with the green and yellow split peas ( as you used) and a few flat brownish lentils too. Use tacky glue for it to best hold the candle up right. Hold til candle doesn’t wiggle. Let air dry overnight. Peal paper away and tie with raffia. Oh so country–except the glue did not dry clear but white. One candle slipped in the night and dried a bit crooked. Hard to get them to sit flat. But made them I did for fall for all. Mom gave me mine back a few years ago and I just had to keep this memory!!
    And then I see yours today. They resemble mine without the work plus look sooo much better!!!! An old jar!! Perfect!!! I love it!!!! I pinned it!!! And I’m sending this on to my part Portuguese friend too!!!! And yes. I’m searching my freezer and I may have enough for one jar!!! How delightful to join a past memory with your vast improvement 😃

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