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DIY Repurposed Old Tires

Top 5 DIY tires

The other day Margaret told me an endearing story that I must share with you.

Her father had an old tire hiding in the garage and was tired of looking at it.  He asked her…” how do I get rid of it?”  Margaret in a moment of creative inspiration suggested he turn it into a planter for the backyard.  This is what he did!

Varela Repurposed Tire

Wow, Margaret was impressed and so was I.  Now I know where she gets her creativity.

With an old tire, spray paint, flag, garden soil, and plants this was an easy-to-do project that brought many accolades from family and friends.

My Top 5 DIY Tire Projects  


DIY Tire Planter, DIY Show Off 

This is what Margaret was suggesting for her father’s old tire… a simple idea to upcycle and repurpose an old tire.

DIY Recycled Tire 1Tire Planter from Addicted 2DIY

Hard to believe a tire is underneath this beautiful planter.  All you need is one old tire, 4×4 board, rope, the end of a wood spool, tools and weatherproof stain. 

Recycled Tire 3Tire Table,

With an old tire, rope and a few pieces of wood for the legs, you can make this wonderful table to display indoors or out.

rope seats -2Nifty Outdoor Storage Seats 

Click on the link to view a video tutorial on how to make these great colourful outdoor seats.  Not only can you sit on them, they are also useful for storage.

tire swingTire Swing

If you have  children or grandchildren you can recycle that old tire into a swing.

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