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Doily Lanterns

I made three doily lanterns back in December, just in time for Christmas but I never got around to sharing them with you.
This weekend during Earth Hour they were the first thing I lit.

These were super easy to make…that’s ME…needs to be EASY!
All you need are some empty pasta sauce jars (any other jars will do), Mod Podge and some small doilies.
1) Brush some Mod Podge on the jar
2) Add the doily
3)Brush more Mod podge over the doily and let dry
 They sit on my window sill and every night I light a tea-light in them.
I have added some twine to the top and an extra embellishment at Christmas…
The pine cone and faux pine has been removed but the twine remains.
It is pretty easy to add other embellishments depending on the season or mood I am in…
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