Fall Porch – Decor and Dine

Fall Porch

I’m a little late this year with my fall decorating

there are so many pumpkins but little motivation to get them all out there.


I finally got around to putting them out.

Maybe it was more like scattering them around.

I figured it doesn’t have to be complicated….right?


Place a few here…a few there…and the porch starts to come together.


…and when the wheelbarrow tips over and the pumpkins roll off onto the grass , why not take a few photos.


The neighbors must be thinking…this women has lost her mind.



No Welcome Fall sign, no new pillows or fall wreath…

just brought out the old burlap wreath, still good as new.


just pumpkins, lots of pumpkins and mums…can’t forget the mums!

I get my mums from a Mennonite farm a few minutes away…they grow the best mums.

By the way…there is a new paint color! Yes my front door got a makeover last month.

I am loving this color, gorgeous Sherwin Williams holiday turquoise!


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  • Margaret Pereira

    Thanks so much Julie. It took a while to decide on the colour but I really happy with the result.

  • AnnMarie

    That door color is simply divine and just happens to be my new favorite color. I love the pumpkins scattered all over, especially the ones on the lawn! So pretty and inviting. Sometimes less is more!

  • Margaret Pereira

    Thanks Cheryl. The seasons are just passing by way to fast for me. I was out shopping yesterday and all the Christmas stuff is out.

  • Margaret Pereira

    Lori I have always loved blue, most shades of it…but have falling in love with turquoise. A turquoise robe? Wow I must get myself one of those. 🙂

  • Margaret Pereira

    Thanks Kim! Yes we have grown our own pumpkins for the last few years. I love fall so having my own pumpkins is great!

  • Lori E

    I am becoming more and more “in like” with that turquoise colour lately. I was given a gift in a gift bag that was mainly turquoise and I have kept the beautiful bag out on my dresser. Then I was given a turquoise robe and really like that too. Previously I have not had anything in that colour. Hey… I just noticed your blog is accented in the same colour.

  • Kim

    I love everything about your front porch! Do you grow your own pumpkins? I love how simple and easy-going the front porch décor is! Love it! Have a great weekend!

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