Christmas outdoor urns and a few surprises – Decor and Dine

Christmas outdoor urns and a few surprises

Every year I fill the same urn with greenery and decorations.

Outdoor Holiday Urn

I have a black urn and always use several types of greens…Spruce, White pine, Fraser fir…

I try to use at least two to three kinds of pine, I like the different textures and shades of green.


Holiday container, copper tones
Copper tones, less foliage and a strand of stars

Containers are pretty simple to make, you start with a large container (in my case this urn I picked up several years ago)…I fill the urn with  floral foam bricks, you can use soil.

Add the tallest accessory to the middle…I tend to use branches. You can use birch logs…anything to give height.

I don’t like to spend a lot of money so for me it is what ever I can find in the yard or garage. Then I add magnolia leaves…these tend to be the most expensive foliage in my containers. If your lucky to have a magnolia tree, you’ve got it made!

I fill the rest of the urn with the pine, using the largest pieces first, then continue to fill with the smaller pieces until I am satisfied with how it looks.  Sometimes it goes well…sometimes I take it all out and start again!

Holiday planter
Magnolia leaves, faux berries and large sparkly red pinecones

Once I am satisfied with how the pine looks I add the rest of the accessories…large pinecones, berries, ornaments…

I change-up the colour scheme periodically, this can depend on my mood or what I happen to find.

Christmas planter and outdoor decorations

And when the snow comes and covers my urn…I smile! It is beautiful!

snow covered Holiday urn

I love seeing all the beautiful containers outside stores this time of the year.

They are a great source of inspiration!

This beautiful urn by Grand Entrance Design

was outside their shop a few years ago…

Holiday planter vy Grand Entrance Design

as was this carriage turned into a holiday planter.

Carriage planter by Grand Entrance Design

There is no need to spend too much money, just look around your yard and house and reuse old items…

most importantly have fun and enjoy it!

Once your done, grab a cup of coffee or tea and admire your work…



Holiday porch decorations

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