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Organized Linen Closet


Who’s ready for some Spring cleaning? It’s time to clean out my linen closet.

I will confess that I hate cleaning…there I said it! But that being said, I love a clean and organized house.

I am pretty good at keeping things tidy in our living area. You know…the kitchen, dining room and family room but the closets, that’s another story.

linen closetI have found a great way to keep my linen closet organized.

A few years ago I purchased some great baskets that fit perfectly on the shelves of  our linen closet. I use these baskets for tea towels, napkins, extra pillow covers…even doilies that my grandmother and mother made for me.  These baskets are kept in the middle shelves so that they are easily accessible. Oh and I can’t forget to mention that I label them with little tags I tied to the handles.

Our bed linens are folded and placed on the bottom shelve…I use the “fold the sheets and pillow case and place all inside the remaining pillow case” method. This keeps the sheets neatly folded and easily accessible.

The top shelf holds extra pillows and blankets.

linen closet organization

And yes it does get messy at times. When I am rushed to put things away I do just throw in the towels or placing things on top of each other but the great thing is when I am ready to go in an organize the closet again everything I need is in place. I can sort through the baskets and get rid of anything I no longer need, I know exactly where to put the towels and the bed linens.

The best part is opening the closet and seeing it all organized.

I feel so accomplished…you know I am joking, right?  Now if only the other closets would clean themselves.

linen closet

 Be sure to check back next week for tips on how to organize your snacks.

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