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Pumpkin Carving Ideas

pumpkin.27Classic Jack-o’-Lantern

When my children were young Halloween was a favourite festivity in my house.  For me it still is.  I love Halloween Haunts, spooky nights, the costumes, the treats, and of course a visit to the pumpkin patch in search of that ONE special pumpkin.  Once home its time to carve it into a Jack-o’-Lantern.

To start, make sure to pick a pumpkin without any nicks or soft spots so it will last longer.  Reality check – pick the pumpkin with the least nicks or soft spots.
pumpkin 34The Pumpkin Lady

To clean the inside cut a wide circle around the stem.  Make sure its big enough to put your hand in.  Now the fun part begins…pulling out the gooey insides.  A tip, use an ice-cream scoop to scrape away remaining seeds and strings. pumpkin 36The Pumpkin Lady

I’m not sure if my son is enjoying this experience.pumpkin 30Family Photo Family Photo

 To outline your design you can either use a carving pattern or simply draw it on the pumpkin with a black marker.  If using a pattern make sure the surface is dry so the tape will stick.pumpkin 37The Pumpkin Lady

Begin poking small holes following the lines of the pattern or your own outline. To do so, use a pumpkin poking tool or a nail. Now its time to carve your pumpkin.  If children are involved make sure an adult is present.pumpkin 38The Pumpkin Lady

Once finished place a candle on the inside to make it glow, glow, glow.  Battery lights are also great for lighting a pumpkin if you want to be safer.pumpkin 39The Pumpkin Lady

Our pumpkin didn’t turn out as good as the one above but these two had fun nonetheless.Family photo

What about those seeds and gooey strings you pulled out… why not use them as part of your decoration.

pumpkin 18Feeling Sick Today

Here are other creative and fun carving ideas for your family.pumpkin 3Home Invasion

pumpkin 13A Visitor

pumpkin 16Spidery Web

Why stop at one pumpkin.  The more the merrier.pumpkin 5Masked and Hatted

pumpkin 9Spacey Monsters

pumpkin 40Pumpkin Family

pumpkin 26Crazier than Mad

Your kids will be tickled pink with these next carving ideas.pumpkin 6Peek-A-Boo

pumpkin 8Mr. Robot

pumpkin 11Thirsty Vampire

pumpkin 12Hungry Jack

pumpkin 22Cannibal Cutie

pumpkin 17Mummified

pumpkin 20Frankenskull

pumpkin 21Toothy Grin

And for the child in you…how about these unique designs for inspiration.  Have a drill handy.  pumpkin 33Pumpkin Lanterns

pumpkin 19Decorative Twine

pumpkin 25Simply Elegant

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you and your family.  Make sure its a safe and happy one.

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