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Quince Marmalade…

My aunt has a quince tree in her backyard…every year she makes Marmelada (quince marmalade)

And of course she shares it with the whole family.

quince2My Aunt Almerinda’s recipe…

Peel and chop quince, removing seeds. Weigh quince once you have done this. For every pound of quince add 3/4 pound of sugar. (You can make this recipe with equal parts quince and sugar but she likes to cut down on the sugar). Cook over low heat until the quince is very soft about 45 minutes. Once cooked puree the mixture with a hand blender.If you want very thick marmalade continue cooking for another 10 minutes. Pour marmalade into ceramic tubs and allow to dry.

My aunt uses foil containers as it is easier to give to friends and family.

marmelada, quince marmalade

Once dry, marmalade is traditionally covered with wax paper that has been brushed with Aguardente (Portuguese Brandy). You can skip this step. You can also pour the mixture into sterilized jars.


quince marmalade

quince marmalade



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