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Removing Melted Wax from furniture

Removing Wax from UpholsteryLet  me tell you a little story…I love Scentsy, the flameless electric candle warmers. I can change the scent depending on my mood, some of them also glow so I use them as a source of light. But…let’s put that aside, as this post is not about promoting Scentsy. It is about cleaning up after experiencing an accident with one of my Scentsy warmers.

While vacuuming my living room one day I banged into the side table next to my sofa. Unfortunately the Scentsy warmer was on and the burner toppled over and the wax spilled down the side of my sofa, onto the rug and the wood floor.

wax on floor

wax on sofa

It was a mess!!!

I left it for days….days!!

It was stressing me out so I ignored it!

Until…my brilliant daughter (who use to sell Scentsy while away at school) informed me that removing the wax was not that difficult. All you need is a warm iron, paper towels or absorbent cloth. 

So I told her to go for it….and she did!!removing wax from floor and rug  And you know what, to my amazement IT WORKED!!!

removing wax from sofaNot only did she remove the wax from the floor and carpet but I was really impressed how it came off the sofa.

Simply turn your iron to a medium or high setting, place paper towel or cloth on top of the wax and press the iron over the paper towel. You may need to use more than one paper towel…depending on the amount of wax you are trying to remove.

If you spill hot wax, of any kind, and want to wipe it up right away…don’t! It will smear.

Place ice cubes over the wax to harden, once hardened you can easily remove it with the iron method.after wax removal

after removing wax from sofaThe sofa may not look perfect but that is due to the fact that I waited a very long time and allowed the wax to absorb deep into the couch. Using ice cubes right away to harden the wax would have solved this problem. In person it actually looks better than on the photo as there is no bright light shining on it…LOL!

Hope this is helpful,


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