Signs of Spring @ the Farm – Decor and Dine

Signs of Spring @ the Farm

Spring is finally here but outside it still looks like this…

Don’t get me wrong…
I love snow and the farm always looks so pretty covered in snow but it has been a long winter and we are all ready for some warm weather.
Reminiscing about last Spring
our first Spring at the farm and we didn’t know what to expect, it was a wonderful surprise when all the flowers began to bloom.

We had so many poppies…
Can’t forget my Chickens…

Have a wonderful day,



  • Margaret

    Thanks Julia. I believe I saw your name on my FB page, that you had left a link, unfortunately it is not there. I don’t know what is going on with FB today, the same thing has happened on my other page “My Portuguese Kitchen”. Thanks for the follow. I will find your blog and FB page and give you a follow as well.


  • Margaret

    Hi Lucy, I was just over on your blog after reading your comment on MY Portuguese kitchen. I love your projects!! I will be going back often to get some inspiration. We purchased a farm north of Mississauga last year and that is where we have our chickens, love all the fresh eggs. Happy Easter to you and your family Lucy!

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