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New Home Office

My Home Office use to be in the basement…I hated it.
It was cold and the lighting was awful …
I decided that since the spare room upstairs was rarely used I would switch it up.
The office is now upstairs and the guest room in the basement!

Before: Office in basement, messy from a day of scrapbooking


Before: Spare Bedroom, still pink from when it was my daughter’s room.
The upstairs room is smaller but just big enough to hold everything I need.

  This was my inspiration…


After painting the room and changing the light fixture to one that was previously in my bedroom

(you know how I love to reuse and repurpose),

I brought in the same desk and shopped my house for other pieces of furniture.

Old wall unit in the basement was updated with new hardware and wallpaper behind the glass doors


An old pine armoire was brought in to hold all my scrapbooking supplies…
I brought in some accessories, a comfy chair, made my own bulletin board and wall art….and NOW




and a FUN place to work

Another DIY project: Pizza boxes covered in fabric with my initials (wood letters from the dollar store)
Don’t forget to surround yourself with the things you love…
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