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Tomato Jam/Doce de Tomate

Doce de Tomate…tomato jam is my favourite jam. The only problem is that I either have to find it in a Portuguese grocer or make it myself. It takes only a few ingredients and about two hours to cook but I am very picky about tomatoes so I only make it at the end of the summer when my Mom gives me tomatoes from her garden.

This year, since we purchased a farm about ten months ago, I was able to grow my own.

All you need…
lemon rind
cinnamon stick
You will need twice as much tomatoes as sugar. I used two pounds of tomatoes and one pound of sugar, weigh after peeling tomatoes.
Peel and coarsely chop tomatoes removing as much of the seeds as possible. Add to a large pot and cover with the sugar. Add a cinnamon stick and a slice or two of lemon rind, depending on how much tomatoes you are using and if you like the taste of lemon (you can omit the lemon if you prefer).
Stir mixture and gently bring to boil.
Once mixture begins to boil turn heat down and simmer, stirring occasional for approximately two hours.
As mixture thickens stir more often. Tomatoes will cook down to a puree.
Pour mixture into prepared jars. If you are making a small amount and do not want to prepare jars for canning you can just refrigerate Jam.
Perfect on toast, crusty bread and crackers. I love it with cheese as well.
I hope you give it a try.
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