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Work or Volunteer in Portugal

Lisbon, PortugalLisbon, Portugal  

I have always been interested in working abroad. To my delight I have found several exciting opportunities in Portugal.

In my early 30s I worked overseas with UNICEF – MALAWI.  A small country in East Africa.This was before Madonna made it infamous through her baby adoption.My decision to work overseas was a BIG MOVE.  I quit my job, left a relationship, and said goodbye to family and friends.It was an amazing 2 years! Full of adventure.

My experience overseas involved working with rural communities to promote the country’s National Health Program on maternal and child well-being; including immunization.malawi 62 Beautiful sweet girls (photo credit)

If you, or someone you know, wants to work or volunteer abroad, Portugal is the destination. Take a look.

Assist a team of marine biologists with important whale and dolphin conservation projects.whale volunteer projectGreat Whale Project – Azores, Island of Faial (photo credit)

Join a successful community project who recover food from local restaurants and supermarkets for redistribution to communities in need.Food project.voluteerFood Rescue Project – Mainland Portugal (photo credit)

Assist in the day-to-day running of a conservation center housing wolfs that cannot be released back into the wild.wolf volunteer projectWolf Conservation Volunteers – Mainland Portugal (photo credit)

Help with underwater clean-up efforts for the protection of marine ecosystems on the coast of Portugal (Cascais).
scuba diving volunteer project
Environmental Scuba Diving Project – Mainland Portugal (photo credit)

For more information visit Volunteer in Portugal with International Volunteer HQ

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  • Margaret Varela

    I am afraid I do not know of any specific volunteer work. Please contact the places we have posted, they may be able to help or direct yours to how to get help. Sorry I could not offer any more assistance.

  • Michael

    Would you know of any volunteer work please?
    I am in trouble here and I cannot find a way out.
    I am at camping Albufeira do Maranhao in Avis as Happy Days Goldfinder, because that’s the name on my passport.
    I owe 2 months rent so I cannot leave without paying.
    I have a tent and a car, a good car, I paid £2795 1 year ago.
    I have tried selling the car but the garage will only give me 300 euro, which will not help my situation.
    I am writing a book and doing an online course.
    I do not drink or take drugs of any kind, except tea.
    I am willing to work for food and accommodation.
    I came here to cure Pneumonia, that worked.
    The job I was doing stopped paying me in March and I have been struggling since.
    I managed to pay off most of the campsite rent but I am now behind, with no money.
    I have a couple of days food left.
    I can help but I need help first.

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