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Winter Wreath Ideas

winter wreath ideasT’is the season to start decking your front door with Christmas cheer.  

A winter wreath is the first step to get you into the holiday spirit.

xmas wreath.28

Silver Fir and Holly (Tutorial)

xmas wreath.24

Classic Pine & Berry (Tutorial)

xmas wreath.25

Pretty Pinecone (Tutorial)

xmas wreath.3

Rustic Christmas (Pinterest)

DIY Dollar Store Christmas wreath

DIY Dollar Store Winter Wreath (Tutorial)

Add shimmer to a wreath by spraying glitter.

xmas wreath.7

Shimmer Shimmer (Tutorial)

More than one wreath will double the holiday cheer.

xmas wreath.27

Paired for Christmas (Tutorial)

farmchristmas wreath

Margaret’s Snowy Winter Wreath

Step out of the traditional and add a twist to your front door decor.

Christmas stocking door decorations

Margaret’s Door Stocking (Tutorial)

xmas wreath.16

Mitten Door Delight

xmas wreath.17

Ice Skate Hanger (Tutorial)


Margaret’s Basket Door Decor

xmas swag.1

Christmas Swag (Tutorial)

xmas swag.2

Scenic Snowflake (Tutorial)

Go outside the box and create a wreath from non-traditional materials…spices, fruit, candy, and more.

xmas wreath.23

Edible Herbs

xmas wreath 28

Fruit-Harvest (Tutorial)

xmas wreath.6

Marshmallow Galore (Tutorial)

xmas wreath.9

Peppermint Candy (Tutorial)

xmas wreath.14

Sweetgum Fruit (Tutorial)

xmas wreath.26

Paper Flower Christmas (Tutorial)

xmas wreath.8

Blue and White Christmas (Tutorial)

xmas wreath 18

Gift Box Surprise (Tutorial)

I couldn’t resist showing you Margaret’s Christmas mantel wreath.  She made it a few years ago but it still stands the test of time.

mantel, christmas

Margaret’s Blue Mantel Wreath

Stay tune for a new post by Margaret on winter mantel decorations.

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